One Night With The Tycoon by Roxy Sinclaire and Sky Corgan

Tycoon Banner.jpg

One Night With The Tycoon: A Billionaire Romance


Roxy Sinclaire and Sky Corgan

Release Date: March 1st

Genre: billionaire romance, steamy contemporary romance, romantic suspense

Hosted by: Chance Promotions


One Night With The Tycoon 400x600.jpg


Angela Reynolds works as a freelance reporter and photographer and lives
pay to pay in a small, downtown, studio apartment in Manhattan. She doesn’t
know where her next meal is coming from and can only hope the phone rings
and she has a job tomorrow.

All of this changes when she’s hired by the New York Times to interview the
thirty-year-old business tycoon, Clive Davis, and this billionaire takes a
liking to her.

Angela isn’t impressed by fast cars, grand gestures or the fact everyone
avoids eye contact with Clive as if they’d insult a god by looking directly
at him. Instead it’s the man behind the mask that wins her over. But that
causes a whole new set of problems that the two, who are from two different
worlds, must face.

Will she be able to handle the pressure that comes from being someone of
Clive’s background? Will Clive be able to withstand the backlash that may
come for being with someone of a lower economic class?

One night With The Tycoon is a billionaire romance novella. There is NO
cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a happy ending!



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