I read a lot of different authors through several devices (Nook, Kindle, Google Books as well as paperbacks). Reading from various apps on my cell phone is my ideal situation since I always need my phone for work. I am even able to write a new chapter in the book I am writing when inspiration strikes. I will always love a good paperback (there is just something about the pages of a new paperback)  but my reading style has definitely moved into the 21st century. That being said, I have a HUGE pet peeve when it comes to e-books. Why do the cover pages show people who look NOTHING like the author describes? Maybe I just don’t know enough about the process. Maybe they just choose stock photos to get people to read the book, or they think people just don’t care about stuff like that. Is it expensive? Is this why this happens over and over?  I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a book expecting one thing-a hot tattooed, bearded guy and a skinny blond girl- and the book ends up being about a straight-laced nerdy guy and a chubby girl. Don’t get me wrong, either way the book is probably great, but deception is deception. I am not even sure if I should be mad at the author for letting something so seemingly important go or the cover designer who couldn’t be bothered to read the book and choose models based on what the author wrote. I recently read a book (Nerd Girl by Jemma Bell- ♥♥♥♥♥ By the way-you should check it out) that said that cover models are used over and over for across different books and authors. That being said, I personally can’t stand when it is obviously the same exact picture over and over. I have stopped reading books because the cover was false advertising. Does anyone else get this worked up over this? Probably not. This is why I think cover designing would be my dream job. I would be freaking fantastic at that.  I mean, free books (to get my inspiration) and taking slightly racy pictures of hot people. What is not to love about that? End Rant.


4 thoughts on “Irksome…

  1. Leslie says:

    It’s funny I never thought about it before but yes they do never seem to match up. Maybe yku have found your calling! 😜


  2. Kristi says:

    I have a finished (needs edited) book I was thinking of self publishing. When looking for a cover artist I realized 2 things. . . .

    1. It is very hard to make your own/I suck
    2. Originality is very expensive. Most people listed as professional that I contacted had a portfolio of stock images you could pay for. They cost less (still not cheap) and we’re premature just waiting for all my info. . . .when I was telling people I had a very specific idea in mind for my cover I was declined on them taking the job or quoted a price that I dead probably never make off the story itself. So all the same people on covers is probably not a coincidence. . .but I very much agree is frustrating

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